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Join the digital age

Join the digital age!

Get service whenever, wherever—in seconds!

You can activate your AirTalk Wireless account and enjoy our free service in minutes without a physical SIM card. All you need is an eSIM and a compatible device.

What is eSIM?

An eSIM is a SIM that's embedded in your phone, allowing for faster, secure activation. It stores your account info & phone number, just like a SIM card.

What is esim

Check out these eSIM benefits

What is esim

Faster Connection

Buy, activate, and manage eSIM without visiting a store or waiting for delivery.

What is esim

Enhanced Security

eSIMs come with built-in security allowing your device to hold more memory.

What is esim

Multiple phone lines

With an eSIM, you can keep two active phone numbers on one phone so you can juggle work and personal life easily.

What is esim

Better for the planet

eSIM eliminates plastic, packaging and the transport of a physical SIM card.

Compatible Devices

Most phones produced post 2020 are compatible with eSIM or offer a dual SIM feature. However, devices purchased internationally might not support eSIM functionality. To utilize eSIM, ensure your phone is unlocked and supports this technology.

To ensure your device's compatibility with eSIM technology, please utilize our Check eSIM compatibility tool.

What is esim

Check eSIM compatibility

Please make sure your phone is compatible before choosing an eSIM option

*Devices purchased overseas may not be eSIM compatible.

Switch to eSIM

An eSIM is a SIM that's embedded in your phone, allowing for faster, secure activation. It stores your account info & phone number, just like a SIM card. Check out these eSIM benefits:

For New customers


Apply with Us

Apply for AirTalk's free monthly data, talk & text services and a free device by clicking here.

Select an eSIM Compatible Device

During the application process, pick a device that’s compatible with an eSIM.

Choose eSIM Option

If your selected device is eSIM compatible, you will be able to select the eSIM option during the application process.

For Existing customers


Check Compatibility

Verify your device supports eSIM functionality.

Navigate to SIM Replacement

Access the SIM Replacement section within our app or our website.

Order an eSIM

Simply follow the provided prompts in the app to order your eSIM.

eSIM Installation

If you opt for one of our devices, your eSIM will be arrive pre-activated.
If not, please follow the instructions on the page below to install and set up your eSIM profile for your current device.

What is esim

Frequently Asked Questions

You can check your phone's eSIM compatibility by using our < Check eSIM Compatibility tool above. Please note the device must be unlocked.
An eSIM, or embedded SIM, is a digital SIM card embedded within a device. Unlike a physical SIM, with an eSIM you can instantly download and install a SIM profile with a few taps from your phone to connect to a network.
Absolutely, as long as your device is unlocked & compatible with eSIM. Follow the instructions above to Switch to eSIM .
Dual SIM refers to a device's ability to support two SIM cards simultaneously. This allows you to have two separate phone numbers or plans on the same device.
If you opt for one of our devices, your eSIM will be arrive pre-activated. Otherwise, simply scan the QR code provided in your email or app to set up your eSIM profile.
1. If the 'Cellular Plan' screen freezes after scanning the QR code, close the window on your phone and rescan the QR Code.
2. For Apple phones, use your camera to scan the code. For Android phones, access your settings to scan a QR code. If you face any issues during activation, please contact our support team for assistance at (855) 924-7825.
No, switching to an eSIM doesn't necessarily require a change in your plan or mobile number.
Yes! Our plans come with Wifi Calling at no extra cost and you can enjoy the same benefit with eSIM.
If your phone is unlocked, you can have 2 active phone lines on it at the same time. We call this "Dual SIM". This comes in handy if you have a personal line and a work line.
You can activate your eSIM by scanning the QR code that was provided when you received your order in the mail.
Yes! Activation is immediate and only takes a few minutes to install.
An eSIM is the same as a regular SIM card, just digital! It holds your phone number, account information and connects your phone to the wireless network.
Yes! An eSIM has built-in security to protect your sensitive information from being stolen. It's more secure than a regular SIM since it can only be changed digitally. Please note that due to consumer confidentiality and security, eSIMs are only downloaded once.


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